Locals love these 10 metro Phoenix Pilates studios

Locals love these 10 metro Phoenix Pilates studios

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By Katie Mills Giorgio

February 5, 2024

It’s never too late to make New Year’s resolutions—or stick to the ones you made back on Jan. 1.

With that in mind, we found 10 Pilates studios in the Phoenix area that are beloved by locals.


Maximum Pilates

7575 North 16th St., Suite 25, Phoenix

Locals Love These 10 Phoenix Pilates Studios

Photo courtesy of Maximum Pilates via Facebook

Maximum Pilates in Phoenix focuses on the authentic Pilates method in a relaxed environment, with one-to-one and semi-private lessons available. The studio also works to customize programs for individuals to accommodate a variety of fitness levels and needs. This club has been around since 2007, started by owner Heather Lewis, who began practicing and teaching Pilates after it helped her work through injuries accumulated during her dance career. Maximum Pilates is recommended as a great place for Pilates newbies to get their start, as they offer two initial private lessons to get clients acquainted with the practice. 


Studio Verve Pilates

4545 N 36th St., Suite 113, Phoenix

Locals Love These 10 Phoenix Pilates Studios

Photo courtesy of Studio Verve Pilates via Facebook

Living up to its name, this Pilates studio has an atmosphere for vitality, vigor, and sparkle. Studio Verve offers authentic Pilates in an intimate setting, allowing for personalized attention for students even in group classes by any one of the Master Level Certified instructors. The studio opened in 2010 and has served more than 3,500 students since. Private and small-group Pilates classes are available for mat and reformer Pilates. They offer tower, chair, spine corrector, and suspension training as well as nutrition and wellness classes. Studio Verve also offers teacher training opportunities for those interested in taking Pilates to the next level, or new student introductory specials for first-timers. The website provides the option to login and reserve a spot in an upcoming class. 


DEFINE Pilates

14148 N. 100th St., C-105, Scottsdale

Locals Love These 10 Phoenix Pilates Studios

Photo courtesy of Define Pilates via Facebook

What defines this Pilates studio is the focus on form. Regardless of experience, DEFINE Pilates instructors work with each student to ensure they are getting most from their method, which focuses on keeping your body properly aligned to get a “defined” look. Located in Scottsdale, DEFINE offers reformer and chair Pilates classes. This boutique style studio hosts private, semi-private, and group classes and students appreciate the studio’s clean, modern aesthetic. Owner Ashley Jahner began teaching in 2017, then opened DEFINE in 2021. The studio’s introductory offer includes your first three classes for $50. Plus, they have a nice daily lineup of class times to choose from for a small studio. 


Core Body Pilates

Multiple locations

Locals Love These 10 Phoenix Pilates Studios

Photo courtesy of Core Body Pilates Barre & Yoga Gilbert, Arizona via Facebook

Core Body Pilates is a very convenient option in the Phoenix area. With two locations—one in South Gilbert and the other in West Valley—Core Body Pilates offers online class booking, making it easy to find a time to get a workout in. While the two locations share a name, they have separate owners and a slightly different approach to classes, so students should do a bit of research to find the right fitness fit. Core Body does provide a hands-on, semi-private approach to classes—no more than eight students per class—whether you opt for their reformer, tower, circuit, or jumpboard classes, or try a “mix it up” class, which changes format every week. Another perk of Core Body Pilates is the option of childcare during daytime classes for a small additional fee. The first class is free for new students and then there are several pricing options—such as a monthly fee or a punch card—for lessons after that. 


BURN Total Body Conditioning

Multiple locations

Locals Love These 10 Phoenix Pilates Studios

Photo courtesy of BURN Total Body Conditioning via Facebook

Workouts at BURN Total Body Conditioning promise to be effective, efficient, and intense. That’s thanks to Lagree classes offered with the Megaformer, which the studio said can become a fitness addiction for students who appreciate the intense workout with low-impact moves. New students can try out their 45-minute classes unlimited for two weeks at a price of $99. BURN Total Body Conditioning also has two locations—one in Scottsdale and one in Phoenix—so students can find the class that is the best fit for them. They have built up a large team of trainers that students appreciate for their enthusiasm and knowledge. Burn Total Body Conditioning also offers a teacher training program. Check out their Facebook page for a refreshing blend of instructor and client spotlights. They have also recently begun hosting more private small group classes, such as for Bachelorette parties. 


HiPower House

20567 N. Hayden Road, #115, Scottsdale

If you are high energy, then HiPower House is likely a great fit for you. Offering Pilates classes for fitness-forward individuals, this studio works to create a supportive community for a high-intensity, low-impact workout. This woman-owned business opened in 2021, but collectively the studio’s team of teachers has more than 15 years experience in Pilates instruction. They like to take an approach that addresses each student’s physical, mental, and emotional benefits while building community in their group fitness classes. The studio’s values include safety, compassion, optimism, connectivity, respect, and empowerment, all of which serve to create a unique Pilates studio experience. They also offer teacher training and a variety of promotions throughout the year, like member appreciation month, Bingo, and Barbie-themed week. 


Remedy Pilates & Barre

Multiple locations

The training team at Remedy Pilates & Barre invites students to train, breathe, focus, condition, concentrate, and move with them. This studio, first opened in 2008, is popular thanks to its focus on bringing energy and enthusiasm to their dynamic line up of classes. Remedy also offers teacher training programs and has an injury recovery program for backs, hips, knees, ankles, wrists, and more. There are three studio locations to choose from in the Phoenix area—Scottsdale, Arcadia, and North Central—making Remedy a convenient choice for many in the metro area. They also launched their own app to make class scheduling even easier. Throughout the year they offer a variety of events and challenges, such as Eat. Plank. Love, a lifestyle challenge that lasts all 29 days of February. 


Bird Dog Pilates

109 W. Portland St., Phoenix

Located in the Roosevelt Row district in downtown Phoenix, this studio is an intimate space that offers private, duet, and quartet classes. With no more than four participants per session, Bird Dog Pilates offers individualized attention to students as they workout. The studio has four reformers with tower units, one trapeze table they call The Cadillac, four Combo Chairs, six Clara Barrel Spine Correctors, one High Barrel, and a Ped-O-Pul. They offer an orientation session for all those new to Pilates and welcome students of all ages, body types, and experience levels. Owner Wes Waggena, who has been teaching Pilates since 1997, opened Bird Dog in 2016. Today, the studio participates in special programs with other studios like Movement in the Courtyard, a Saturday morning community fitness class. 


BASI Pilates Academy

805 E. Thunderbird Road, Suite 105, Phoenix

BASI Pilates Academy, formerly known as the Pilates Barre, is another popular studio in Phoenix. They have developed a close-knit community, promising to quickly learn your name (and probably your dog’s name, too). The studio is welcoming to Pilates students at all levels, and while they work to make class attendees feel comfortable they also offer a physical challenge. BASI has created a workout culture that has fun and doesn’t mind if a swear word or two gets thrown in. They invite students to think of their visit to the studio as “happy hour.” Online scheduling is also convenient and there is a wide variety of classes including reformer, barre, tower, barre-x (barre plus TRX), Wunda chair, strength and stability, and cardio barre. 


Orange Blossom Pilates

122 E Culver St., Phoenix

Locals Love These 10 Phoenix Pilates Studios

Photo courtesy of Orange Blossom Pilates via Facebook

Orange Blossom Pilates in downtown Phoenix is distinctly different from many other Pilates studios in the area in that it has an in-home studio feel. They offer private 35-minute and 50-minute classes as well as group reformer and steel Pilates. They also offer a charity Pilates class that gives a portion of the class fees to a local charity each month. Educators receive 10% off of class fees, as Orange Blossom is owned by a former middle school teacher who wants to give back and support those working in education today. Inclusivity is important to studio owners, so they welcome all body types and skill levels at Orange Blossom. They host a variety of community events including nature walks, crafting sessions, and coffee meet-ups throughout the year that are open to anyone. 


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