VIDEO: Fire destroys historic buildings in Bisbee, Arizona

VIDEO: Fire destroys historic buildings in Bisbee, Arizona

By Copper Courier Staff

February 15, 2024
@coppercourier Update about the fire that occurred last night from the City of Bisbee: "The fire has been contained to the two buildings, Many Fine Things and Bisbee Olive Oil. The fire is not out, and we will be putting water on it probably for the rest of the night. Much of the brick facade is lying in the street. Main Street will probably remain closed through Thursday, so plan accordingly. The Library will open ONLY IF the fire trucks are gone, and the barriers are taken away. Please assume that the area will be unusable on Thursday. Thank you to Bisbee Police, Fire and Public Works, Douglas Fire, Sunnyside Fire, San Jose Fire, Naco Fire, Palominas Fire, Cochise County Sheriff, DPS, Arizona Rangers, SEACOM and any agency we may not have listed here." 📸 : X/jackwcooper23 / / #arizonanews #aznews #bisbee #bisbeearizona #bisbeeaz #historic #historicbuildings #historicbuilding #historictown #historictowns #fire ♬ original sound Copper Courier


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