Our readers told us the best brewery in Tucson

A Barrio beer can sitting in the Arizona desert.

Courtesy of Barrio Brewery

By Stacy Rounds

May 15, 2024

When it comes to finding the best brewery in Tucson, look no further than Barrio Brewing Co. According to our readers poll results, Barrio Brewing Co. takes the crown as the top pick for best brewery in Tucson. So, if you’re a beer enthusiast looking for a top-notch brew in the city, Barrio is the place to be.

A woman's hand holding a pint of Barrio beer.

Courtesy of Barrio Brewing Co.

A Brief History of Barrio Brewing Co.

Let’s hop back in time to 1991, a year when flannel shirts were the rage, the internet was just a toddler, and most importantly, Barrio Brewing Co., Arizona’s oldest craft brewery, was born. From its humble beginnings as a small brewpub, Barrio has fermented its way into the hearts of beer lovers, transforming into one of Tucson’s most cherished breweries. The locally-born and raised founder of Barrio is known for more than just his beer acumen: he transformed Barrio into Arizona’s first 100% employee-owned brewery.

Fast forward to today, 32 years after Barrio’s groundbreaking. It’s grown from its original brewpub roots into a sprawling brewery known for its magnetic vibe, industrial setting, and an array of beers that would make any beer snob’s heart flutter — from the bold, hoppy notes of their IPAs to the smooth, subtle whispers of their lagers.

Who wants to enjoy an afternoon of amazing beers without some grub? Barrio’s kitchen reaches beyond the typical bar food by offering South of the Border selections, signature sandwiches, small bites, salads, and more. With a modern twist and select ingredients, each menu item is crafted to blend perfectly with their rotating beer selection. They offer a classic Sonoran dog, flavorful quesadillas, classic “beer sponge” pretzels, wings, fries, and more delectable treats. Each dish is served up quick and fresh in the tasting room on-site.

Beyond the barrels, brew kettles, and bites, Barrio Brewing Co. extends its roots deep into the Tucson community, supporting local events and charities. Their proprietary blend of fearless brewing, love for the community, and a modern yet comfortable space makes Barrio number one (by a landslide) according to our readers. Cheers to that!

The crew at Barrio Brew Co. standing in front of fermentation tanks

Courtesy of Barrio Brewing Co.

The Beers That Stole Your Hearts

Diving into the hoppy heart of Barrio Brewing Co., it’s easy to see why they’re the best brewery in Tucson. Each brew is like a love letter to those of us who cherish a good pint. Among the frothy lineup, a few stars have truly captivated the palates of our readers.

Let’s start with the Barrio Blonde. It’s classic, effortlessly charming, and just the right amount of crisp with a clean finish makes it a go-to for those scorching Tucson afternoons. Then there’s the Barrio Rojo — bold, complex, and undeniably smooth. This amber brew, with its malt-forward profile and subtle caramel notes, has become a fast favorite for those seeking a beer with character and depth that doesn’t shy away from making a statement.

And who could forget the Citrazona IPA? This one’s for the hop-heads, the adventurers, the ones who say, “Give me bold flavors or give me water.” Just kidding, no one wants water at a brewery. The Citrazona is a zesty, citrus-packed IPA that dances on the palate with a balance of bitterness and hoppy bliss.

These beloved brews are just the beginning of the journey at Barrio Brewing Co. With a constantly rotating selection of seasonal sensations and experimental elixirs, every visit offers the chance to discover your new favorite. Whether you lean towards the hoppy, the hearty, or the heavenly light and crisp, Barrio has a brew with your name on it.




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