5 vintage and antique shops to visit in Phoenix’s Melrose District

Retro Ranch (Photo by Analisa Valdez)

By Analisa Valdez

October 26, 2023

Vintage stores are a hot commodity in the Valley as thrifting has grown more popular.

Searching for retro and post-modern home decor? Looking for vintage fashions and antique knick-knacks? Look no further than the Mile of Melrose in Central Phoenix, where antique and vintage storefronts are plentiful.

Here are some of the highlights of the Retro Road that I got to check out on my cruise along the stretch.

Michael Todd’s Treasures

4701 N. Seventh Ave.

Hours: Wednesday to Friday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. | Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. | Sunday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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5 vintage and antique shops to visit in Phoenix's Melrose District

(Photo by Analisa Valdez)

If you already missed the vibrant blue sign on the side of the building, it’d be hard to miss the sprawling outdoor metal decorations from Michael Todd’s Treasures out in front of the shop. Michael Todd’s describes itself as “industrial shabby chic,” and the description for what’s inside is pretty on the nose. The multi-room showcase of art canvases, indoor and outdoor house decor, and other antiquities is chock-full of treasures to be plucked from obscurity.

While browsing the aisles, I found various shelves full of kitchenware featuring teacup sets, ceramic pepper shakers and plates, and a cabinet with ceramic collectable tiki mugs and cups. Beneath the glistening antique lamps are various wood and glass counters with retro and old-school goodies like a working Remington typewriter, decorative glass decanters, shiny liquor shakers, an entire rack of Hawaiian button-ups, and beautifully polished antique mirrors. And although it may seem like a bit of a maze upon first glance, Michael Todd’s Treasures is a navigable shop of well-priced decorations and retro novelties once you figure out where to search.

Modern on Melrose

700 W. Campbell Ave. 7- 9

Hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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5 vintage and antique shops to visit in Phoenix's Melrose District

(Photo by Analisa Valdez)

Another furniture store located further south along the road, Modern on Melrose offers a more modern, classy, and contemporary selection of art, decor, and furniture. Seemingly small from the outside, the inside of Modern on Melrose is a lengthy multi-unit shop filled with glass cabinets, intricately crafted lamp fixtures, and comfortable funky seats.

Dedicated to offering guests some of the finest antique decor, Modern on Melrose has filled every corner of the store with crafted pieces such as ivory white busts of Egyptian figures, silver horse plaques along the wall, champagne-shaped lamp fixtures, oddly multi-colored glass bowls, two shelves full of vintage ice holders, and even a $1,000 mid-century stereo complete with the spinning tabletop and tuning radio.

All In One Phoenix

4501 N. Seventh Ave.
Hours: Monday to Saturday, 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. | Sunday, 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.


5 vintage and antique shops to visit in Phoenix's Melrose District

(Photo by Analisa Valdez)

Buy, sell, and trade all in one place at the All In One Phoenix shop. Less of a furniture shop and more of a clothing store, All In One is known for its vast collection of vintage and new shoes. From wall to wall, there are shelves of nothing but old and latest released pairs of vibrant Nikes, Adidas, Jordans, Maison Miharas, Yeezys, and more.

Around the shop are several clothing racks filled with vintage and old-school T-shirts, sweaters, jackets, and blouses. From an array of different R&B artists on tees, to sports teams on puffer jackets, and even a Charlotte’s Web T-shirt I found along the racks, there is plenty for everyone to find inside of All In One. Before I left, I checked out a small selection of the thick gold, silver, and black metallic watches and chains.

Retro Ranch

4303 N. Seventh Ave.

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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5 vintage and antique shops to visit in Phoenix's Melrose District

(Photo by Analisa Valdez)

Located beside Boycott Bar is the groovy Retro Ranch vintage thrift shop. Decked to the nines in antique decor ranging across various decades, there’s a wide variety of sections to explore throughout the treasure chest of a store. With vibrant old-school posters plastered on nearly every surface of the walls, a spinning shelf filled with early editions of Playboy magazines, a full jar of old matchboxes, and shelves upon shelves of fun knick-knacks and decorative memorabilia, Retro Ranch is a gem along Melrose.

Browsing the multi-room shop, I got to admire the many ceramic art pieces placed among novelties that included authentic cable-knit sweaters, classic records, obscure board games, and even funny postcards from places across the country. Past the dangling vinyl records are various cupboards of antique glassware, hanging racks of skirts and blouses, and a shelf of leather boots. Retro Ranch holds a plethora of novelties and goodies for everyone, and whether they’re searching for it or not, there’s always something for visitors to find within the shop.

Rewind Consignment & Vintage

4150 N. Seventh Ave.

Hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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5 vintage and antique shops to visit in Phoenix's Melrose District

(Photo by Analisa Valdez)

Finally, one of the newer shops along Melrose, Rewind Consignment & Vintage houses one of the most random and coolest supplies of collectables, antiquities, and novelties. Upon first entering, the first thing guests spot is the glittering framed painting of Jesus labeled with “Yasssss! King! Get It!”. Guests should definitely keep their eyes peeled for all the other labels placed on items by the store’s owner for some added giggles.

Stashed throughout different rooms of the store, the decor ranges from comfy love seats, bars in the shape of a metal van, lit-up mini jukeboxes, religious candles with Judge Judy on the side, pillows with obscene messages on them, and a giant poster with Travis Kelce’s face on it (with the other Kansas City Chiefs players, too, of course). The assortment of furniture among antique and modern knick-knacks and novelties at Rewind offers so much for shoppers to peruse and browse to their heart’s content, all while finding funny jokes printed along the way.

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