Silver savings: Where to find the best senior discounts in Phoenix

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By Trinity Murchie

May 2, 2024

Here’s where you can find the best senior discounts in the Phoenix area.

Click! Pop! Crack! Is that thunder from the monsoon or the sound of your joints? Eek!

As one ages, the body becomes more musical (heavy on the percussion), whether we like it or not. My brutally honest grandma always says “The body starts to fall apart as we age so we’re ready to go when it’s time.” This may sound a bit macabre, but several of you are likely nodding in understandable agreement.

At any rate, getting older isn’t for the faint of heart, and below is a list of places in Arizona that understand that the older crowd should be rewarded for making it to their more refined chapters. These businesses offer a discount to those who survived this thing called life for at least 55 years, with a few extra for those who made it to the 65+ level. And sorry (not sorry), I skipped out on the expected IHOP and Denny’s listings — you probably already know and are tired of hearing about these.


For the 55+ Crowd:

Congrats on making it this far; you are soon exiting the chapter of life that is considered “middle-aged” and entering an age considered “senior.” Active in the workforce or not, there are several chains that want to make this new epoch of yours just a little bit sweeter and with savings just a little bit steeper.


This family-owned chain grocery store is well stocked with tasty produce, an ample butcher section, and fair prices on everything in between. They also offer discounts to the 55+ crowd every first Wednesday of the month for 10% off any tab $15 or more.

exterior of Bashas' supermarket


“Back in my day, a T-shirt used to cost $5.” With a little bit of patience to peruse, a T-shirt can still cost this at the Goodwill! Using my teacher discount on Sundays, Goodwill is my go-to for everything. It saves money, creates less waste for our environment, and provides one with unique finds — all of which equate to a win/win/win. As if it doesn’t get better, every Tuesday the 55+ crowd can enjoy 25% off of their purchase. Goodwill has a discount day for just about everyone.


A great place to grab today’s trends for yourself or others, the pricing makes the slogan “dress for less” ring true. Whether it is new houseware, clothing, body care, jewelry, or something else that you are after, Ross can be found in just about every city. And if you’re 55+, going on a Tuesday can save you 10%.


When I first moved to Arizona I was surprised to learn that Fry’s is a grocery, not an electronics, store. It’s since become my trusted grocer with their accessible pricing and ample variety; they carry many niche smaller-brand items that other grocers simply don’t have. If you are 55+, make sure to do your big grocery shopping day on the first Wednesday of the month to get 10% off your bill. This would also be the time to try out some of those more niche items with less financial risk.


Are you crafty? Michaels is an arts and crafts supply store with a huge selection and no political agenda. Any day of the week can land the 55+ crowd 10% off their purchase, which is great since with age comes retirement, and with retirement comes the time to finally master all those artistic hobbies you wanted to try, or started and stopped, throughout the years.

Woman standing in the middle of Michaels' aisle with arms outspread.

Photo courtesy of Michaels Stores via Facebook.

Pep Boys

If you’ve made it 55+ years on this planet, chances are you have a car that needs servicing. Pep Boys has you covered with its 10% discount available anytime with a valid ID.


For the 65+ Crowd

You are objectively at the age where many retire and inch towards that “golden years” chapter of life … and maybe begin living on a fixed income. Whether or not you feel you’re there yet, you get to reap some seriously deserved savings. Not only do all of the above places offer you a discount, but you also get discounts at some great local attractions.

Phoenix Art Museum

This is the largest visual art museum in the Southwest and offers changing art exhibitions and galleries. People from all over the US (and the world) visit this museum, and if you’re over 65, you can appreciate 20% off of admission.

People mingling at Phoenix Art Museum in front of a painting.

Photo courtesy of Phoenix Art Museum via Facebook.

Arizona Science Center

With exhibits, programs, events, and the Dorrance Planetarium, this center is fun for the entire family. The Arizona Science Center is perfect for some quality time with your adult kiddos, an outing with friends, or a place to interact with others at the monthly “Adults Night Out” program. Adult tickets are just shy of $30, but seniors only pay $27.50 for admission.

Heard Museum of American Indian Art and History

Arizona is rich in reservation land and houses the amazing Navajo Nation. The Heard Museum is a great place to learn about the history of the Grand Canyon state while celebrating Native Art. There are also festivals, family days, and live performances, making the 25% discount for seniors a very generous discount.

Desert Botanical Garden

Explore this garden to learn about different succulents, flowers, and edibles that grow in the area. It is laid out to feel like a desert oasis, with plenty of water bottle stations and food stops along the way to ward off those mirages. Seniors 65+ get 10% off of admission.

A view of the Desert Botanical Garden.

Photo courtesy of Desert Botanical Garden via Facebook.

Phoenix Zoo

Most people enjoy a good zoo, and the Phoenix Zoo is certainly a good one. It is the largest privately-owned zoo, relying solely on membership fees, admissions, and philanthropic donations to cover the costs of operations. It has over 3,000 well-taken-care-of animals in focused naturalistic habitats. The zoo is divided into 4 sections which include an Africa trail and an Arizona trail. The Phoenix Zoo attracts people of all ages and has been known to cause both smiles and learning! Seniors get to enjoy a day at the zoo with $5 off admission. If you’re feeling a little “senioritis,” be sure to check out the tortoise to appreciate a creature older than you.

Correction: This story has been updated to reflect the correct day on which Goodwill holds its senior discount.

This article first appeared on Good Info News Wire and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.Here are the best senior discounts in the Phoenix areaHere are the best senior discounts in the Phoenix area

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