Warren Just Received Two Major Endorsements From Latina Leaders in Arizona

Latina Leaders

By Brandy Rae Ramirez

February 19, 2020

Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren launches Latinas En La Lucha and gains endorsements from Mayor Regina Romero and Rep. Raquel Terán.

Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren is working hard to win the Latina vote. This week she launched Latinas En La Lucha – and did so with an official endorsement from Arizona’s first Latina Mayor, Regina Romero.

“Latinas are leading the fight for big, structural change in their communities, and are ready to root out corruption in Washington and put power in the hands of the people,” Sen. Warren said in a press release.

Latinas En La Lucha, translated in English as “Latinas Fight, Latinas Win,” consists of a broad coalition of Latina, Latino, and Latinx community leaders who have endorsed Warren for President. Members say she has released plans critical to Latinas and the Latino community including:

  • creating universal child care;
  • investing in rural America;
  • creating a fair and welcoming immigration system;
  • leveling the playing field for entrepreneurs of color;
  • valuing the work of women of color; and
  • honoring and empowering Tribal Nations.

In a statement, representatives of Latinas En La Lucha said the following:

“We are Latina leaders from across the country and the Latin American diaspora. We are legislators, activists, and organizers at the forefront of the fight for political, economic, social, and racial justice within our community. We understand that the livelihood of our neighborhoods and our families is at stake in this election. This moment in our country’s history demands urgency—for our communities, for Black and Brown Americans and for every community that has been marginalized. This moment calls for a candidate and a president who can deliver big, structural change for all of us. That candidate—that woman—is Elizabeth Warren. “

In the release, Warren emphasized that Latina leaders are at the forefront in the fight for political, economic, social, and racial justice in their communities all across America.

“I’m grateful to have earned their support. Together, we’ll keep fighting for an economy and a democracy that works for everyone,” Warren said. “Not just the rich and powerful. This is our moment to dream big, fight hard, and win.” 

Locally, Romero is one of several Southern Arizonans to back Warren. In a statement to the Arizona Daily Star, Romero said she believes that Warren “is the fighter we need to act boldly on climate change, create economic opportunity for all, and bring big, structural change to our government.”

In addition to Romero, here are other Latina leaders endorsing Warren for President:

  • Rep. Raquel Terán, Democratic Member of Arizona House of Representatives
  • Lina Ortega, Texas State Representative D-77
  • Celina  Vasquez, DNC National Committeewoman
  • Debbie Soto, President of Organize Florida
  • Carmen Rojas, Community Leader in Washington
  • Lucy Flores, CEO and Co-Founder of Luz Collective
  • Monica Ramirez, Community Leader and Activist
  • Justine Sandoval, President of Denver Young Democrats
  • Xochitl Oseguera, Community Leader and Organizer
  • Charo Valero, South Florida Reproductive Justice Advocate
  • Pam Campos-Palma, Peace & Security Strategist and Organizer

Overall, however, a recent poll shows two out of three Latino voters in Arizona support Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. Nationally, Sanders leads among Latino voters with 30% of support, a 10% increase since the last Univision poll in September.




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