Find out which of the bills Gov. Katie Hobbs just signed could affect you

Arizona Secretary of State and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs speaks at a press conference.

Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs speaks at a press conference. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

By Good Info News Wire Team

May 10, 2024

On May 6, Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs enacted several legal measures. Her actions included the signing of various bills, and the veto of one particular legislation.

The governor signed into law five different bills. These included SB 1376, relating to vehicle loads and their restrictions, SB 1402 about health care costs and reimbursement, SB 1683 dealing with peace officers and mutual aid agreements, HB 2846 focusing on the regulation and compliance of hoop tunnels, and HB 2685, which alters the authority of the mine inspector and geological survey.

Additionally, Hobbs vetoed SB 1473, a bill that sought to impose penalties for agencies that failed to provide single audit reports.

Here’s a closer look at each of the bills:

Bills that Hobbs signed into law

SB 1376

Senate Bill 1376 revises the regulations regarding vehicle load restrictions in Arizona. This legislation updates the rules for how vehicles must secure loads during transport to enhance road safety and minimize debris-related incidents on highways. The bill was motivated by concerns over road safety and the hazards posed by unsecured loads.

SB 1402

Senate Bill 1402 addresses healthcare costs and reimbursements in Arizona. This legislation aims to refine the mechanisms through which healthcare providers are reimbursed, potentially impacting payment timelines and the rates at which services are compensated. This bill represents a legislative effort to streamline and possibly enhance reimbursement processes for healthcare services, reflecting ongoing changes and needs in the healthcare industry in Arizona.

SB 1683

Senate Bill 1683 facilitates mutual aid agreements between Arizona and neighboring states by providing for the cross-certification of peace officers. This bill allows peace officers from adjacent states to exercise all powers of Arizona peace officers during emergencies that require cross-state assistance or upon request by an Arizona sheriff. The law aims to enhance cooperation and operational flexibility across state lines during crises.

HB 2846

House Bill 2846 exempts the construction of hoop tunnels from municipal and county building permit requirements under certain conditions. These conditions include no permanent anchoring, absence of hazardous materials, specific size and material guidelines, and compliance with fire safety standards. The bill also allows for local regulations on structure height and requires permits for certain contained devices. Moreover, it mandates adherence to zoning rules for detached accessory buildings and establishes processes for administrative review and documentation submission for construction.

HB 2685

House Bill 2685 grants enhanced authority to the Arizona Geological Survey to establish and maintain comprehensive mapping and inventories of the state’s aggregate resources. This includes mapping known areas containing aggregate resources and existing aggregate mining facilities. The aim is to support better management and regulation of these critical resources, ensuring their sustainable use and development.


The bill Hobbs vetoed

SB 1473

Senate Bill 1473 proposed penalties for Arizona agencies that fail to comply with requirements for submitting single audit reports. Proponents of the bill claimed these audits are crucial for assessing the financial operations and compliance of agencies with various regulations. The bill aimed to enforce accountability through financial penalties for noncompliance, but it was not enacted into law. The reasons behind the veto can be explored in the official SB1473 veto letter here.

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This article first appeared on Good Info News Wire and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.Find out which of the bills Gov. Katie Hobbs just signed could affect youFind out which of the bills Gov. Katie Hobbs just signed could affect you

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