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Kitt Peak National Observatory

Photo courtesy of Kitt Peak National Observatory

By Copper Courier Staff

May 7, 2024

Arizona is filled with hidden gems just waiting to be discovered, from majestic national parks to fascinating museums and serene outdoor spaces. Let’s uncover some of the best free experiences that the Grand Canyon State has to offer.

Wander Through The Majestic Saguaro National Park

The Saguaro National Park is a true embodiment of the Arizona desert’s beauty and resilience. This remarkable park, split into two distinct sections flanking Tucson, is a sanctuary for the colossal saguaro cacti, standing as silent guardians of the landscape. These natural giants, which can live for over 150 years, are a sight to behold and encapsulate the spirit of the West.

As you venture into the park, each trail offers a unique perspective on this desert ecosystem. For those who relish a challenge, numerous hiking paths wind through the rugged terrain, revealing panoramic vistas and hidden valleys. Cyclists, too, will find solace on the loop roads that offer a less strenuous, yet equally rewarding, way to embrace the park’s majesty. Families and casual walkers can enjoy shorter nature trails that provide insightful glimpses into the desert’s flora and fauna.

Beyond the natural allure, the park serves as a testament to the cultural heritage of the region. Ancient petroglyphs etched into rock faces by the Hohokam people centuries ago offer a mysterious glimpse into the past, inviting contemplation and wonder. These historic artifacts remind us of the land’s long history and the deep connection between people and this arid landscape.

Whether you’re drawn to Saguaro National Park by the allure of its namesake cacti, the chance to witness the diverse wildlife, or the opportunity to delve into the region’s rich history, your visit is sure to be memorable. While standard passes generally cost $15-25, the park offers free admission six days per year, including Juneteenth and Veterans Day.

Explore the Rich History at The Arizona Capitol Museum

The Arizona Capitol Museum, located in vibrant downtown Phoenix, is a unique museum that offers a fascinating journey through the state’s political and cultural evolution. As you step through its doors, you’re greeted by a world where history comes alive, inviting you to explore Arizona’s rich heritage through a wealth of exhibits, artifacts, and interactive displays.

Each exhibit within the museum tells a part of Arizona’s story, from its Native American roots and early settler days to its transition into statehood and beyond. Discover the stories of influential figures, pivotal moments, and the evolving landscape of Arizona’s political scene. One of the museum’s highlights includes the original Governor’s office, meticulously preserved, offering a glimpse into the workings of early state governance. Another must-see is the USS Arizona display, which pays homage to the battleship sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor, connecting visitors to a pivotal moment in both state and national history.

The architecture of the historic State Capitol building itself is a marvel, dating back to the late 19th century. The building’s dome, topped with the iconic Winged Victory statue, shines as a beacon of Arizona’s enduring spirit. The grounds surrounding the Capitol are equally inviting, adorned with statues, memorials, and lush gardens that offer a quiet retreat amidst the bustling city.

Visiting the Arizona Capitol Museum provides a unique opportunity to connect with Arizona’s past all for free.

Unravel The Mysteries of The Petrified Forest National Park

The Petrified Forest National Park showcases a collection of petrified wood that transforms the desert into a forest frozen in time. As you set foot in this unparalleled realm, you’ll discover that the Petrified Forest is a gateway into prehistoric times. The trails here lead you through a vast expanse of rainbow-colored badlands, where every hue tells a story of geological marvels formed over millions of years. The park’s hallmark, the petrified wood, reveals the beauty of nature’s alchemy, turning wood into stone through the slow dance of minerals and time.

The Crystal Forest Trail, for example, is a family-friendly path that meanders through a sparkling wonderland of crystal-laden petrified logs. For those seeking to delve deeper into the heart of the park’s wilderness, the Blue Mesa Trail offers an immersive experience into a world where the earth reveals its most intimate colors.

History enthusiasts will find a treasure trove of stories embedded within the park’s landscape. The Painted Desert Inn, a remarkable testament to the region’s cultural heritage, stands as a beacon of the past, offering insights into the lives of those who once traversed and inhabited this land. This historic inn, now a National Historic Landmark, serves as a window into the era of early tourism and exploration in the American Southwest.

In the heart of Arizona, the Petrified Forest National Park stands as a monument to the timeless beauty of nature and the enduring allure of mystery. Like Saguaro, the park usually charges admission but offers free admission days throughout the year.

Gaze at The Stars from Kitt Peak National Observatory

Unlock the mysteries of the cosmos at Kitt Peak National Observatory, a destination for astronomers and sky-watchers alike. Perched atop the Quinlan Mountains, this observatory is a hub for scientific research. Offering free public programs and unrivaled telescope viewing, Kitt Peak is a must-visit for anyone intrigued by the night sky.

The observatory’s visitor programs are designed to educate and inspire, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the science and technology that allow us to gaze deep into space. Whether you’re joining one of the daytime guided tours or attending a special nighttime stargazing event, you’re in for an experience.

The observatory sits on land leased from the Tohono O’odham Nation, and visitors will find themselves immersed in a landscape that’s as breathtaking as the night sky. Surrounded by the rugged beauty of the Arizona desert, the observatory offers a serene backdrop for reflection and discovery, both during the day and under the cover of night.

Kitt Peak National Observatory embodies the spirit of exploration that defines Arizona’s diverse attractions. Here, amidst the tranquility of the desert and under the expanse of the universe, you’ll find a connection to something larger than life.

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