The 25 best restaurants in Arizona, according to Yelp

The 25 Best Restaurants In Arizona, According To Yelp

(Photo courtesy of Cocina Madrigal via Instagram)

By Dorothy Scott

May 6, 2024

More than 7 million people live in Arizona, leading our state to have countless delectable restaurants from many different cuisines. We might not have New York City’s food-scene scope, but we have enough heart to balance it out.

Naturally, we have some of the best Tex-Mex in the country (sorry, Texas), but we also have divine Italian, contemporary American, and Chinese restaurants, among many others. We even have local hotspot chains that folks drive from hours away to visit, like Dutch Bros Coffee, but we’ll save that for a different article.

Instead, we’re here to highlight the créme de la créme of Arizonian eateries. This way, no matter if you’re an Arizona native or visiting for the first time, you can see and taste what makes the Grand Canyon State so magical. And that’s just what has made these 25 restaurants so popular with Yelp reviewers.


25. Fire At Will (Scottsdale) – 4.3 Stars

Address: 4912 E Shea Blvd. Ste 108, Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Price: $$

Why Yelpers love it: As this list proves (and will continue to prove), Arizonans love New American restaurants, which is exactly what Fire At Will is known for embodying. From stuffed dates to lobster rolls and innovative burgers, Fire At Will’s menu is captivating and saliva-inducing, to say the least. Plus, this eatery crafts its dishes with locally sourced ingredients, so you can feel even better about supporting it. “Absolutely one of my favorite places to eat & take friends and family,” one Yelp review reads. “The entire staff is incredibly kind, and knowledgeable. The food is absolutely amazing every single time.”

The 25 Best Restaurants In Arizona, According To Yelp

Photo courtesy of Fire At Will via Instagram.


24. Rough Rider (Phoenix) – 4.3 Stars

Address: 1001 N Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85004

Price: $$$

Why Yelpers love it: Inspired by speakeasies, Rough Rider takes vintage — er, classic — dishes and puts a New American twist on them. These offerings include grilled staples like pork chops as well as raw options. A round of aphrodisiacs, anyone? The favorite items here appear to be everything on the menu. As one Yelper said of their order: “We have had oysters, charcuterie board, salmon, mussels, and they were all thoughtfully well prepared.”


23. LOVECRAFT (Phoenix) – 4.4 Stars

Address: 3128 E Cactus Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85032

Price: $$

Why Yelpers love it: LOVECRAFT’s name says it all: This restaurant puts top-notch quality and care into each dish, crafting an experience rather than just a plate of food. As the restaurant describes on its website, its signature flavor profile is a mix of hatch chiles and classic barbecue, making this joint perfect for anyone looking to try something truly special. Standouts here include prime rib French dips, green chile burritos, and more.


22. The Sicilian Butcher (Phoenix) – 4.4 Stars

Address: 15530 N Tatum Blvd. Ste 160, Phoenix, AZ 85032

Price: $$

Why Yelpers love it: The Sicilian Butcher comes from the same minds of other hot Phoenix establishments, so you know you’re in for a treat the second you enter the building. As its name implies, this restaurant is meat-forward and is perfect for charcuterie and other small-item lovers. (They are also known for meatballs, after all.) That said, The Sicilian Butcher offers full entrées as well, including its take on chicken parm, pork milanese, and more.

The 25 Best Restaurants In Arizona, According To Yelp

Photo courtesy of The Sicilian Butcher via Instagram.


21. CM2 Pizzeria & Bakeshop (Scottsdale) – 4.5 Stars

Address: 11485 N 136th St., Scottsdale, AZ 85259

Price: $$

Why Yelpers love it: CM2 Pizzeria & Bakeshop is a spinoff business of Casa Mia, a beloved Italian restaurant in Scottsdale. Where Casa Mia serves traditional Italian food done brilliantly, CM2 focuses on pizzas and sweets, though we’re sure you already had that last part figured out. Here, classic pies like the Margherita and the meat pizza (cutely called the Butcher Cuts Pizza) reign supreme. “We had the VERY best pizzas last night ever. They were FABULOUS!!” one reviewer wrote with a snap of a Margherita pizza. Just don’t forget to leave room for the shop’s famous cookies!

The 25 Best Restaurants In Arizona, According To Yelp

Photo courtesy of CM2 Pizzeria & Bake Shop via Instagram.

20. Butters Pancakes & Café (Scottsdale) – 4.5 Stars

Address: 8300 N Hayden Rd. Ste F104, Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Price: $$

Why Yelpers love it: Known locally as just Butters, this is the best spot to hit for breakfast or brunch in Scottsdale (though it does offer lunch items as well). From espresso drinks like mochas to savory skillets and sweet crěpes, Butters’ menu has something for everyone. Plus, it’s slightly different from your usual breakfast fare — it’s fresher and feels more wholesome. “Everything was so tasty, I don’t think you can go wrong on what you order,” one reviewer wrote. But if you need help whittling down the menu, you should pay extra attention to the Berry Bliss Pancake Stack, the Whole Hog Skillet, and the Mexicana Omelette.


19. Papa’s Italian Restaurant (Prescott) – 4.6 Stars

Address: 129 1/2 N Cortez St., Prescott, AZ 86301

Price: $$

Why Yelpers love it: “Enter as friends, leave as family,” Papa’s Italian Restaurant promises on its website. Luckily, this appears to be the resounding sentiment on Yelp. “BEST restaurant all around!” one reviewer said, specifically referencing the amazing food, service, and ambiance they experienced. “Wow!! Best food, best service!!” another reviewer wrote. But what foods should you order? Glad you asked. Popular dishes here include mushroom ravioli, spicy sausage and broccolini ravioli, baked ziti, and house-made cannolis.


18. Cocina Madrigal (Phoenix) – 4.6 Stars

Address: 4044 S 16th St., Phoenix, AZ 85040

Price: $$

Why Yelpers love it: Cocina Madrigal is highly regarded in Phoenix, proven by the long CV of publications that consider it one of Arizona’s hottest restaurants. But just what are its dinner-going guests enjoying the most? Beef birria enchiladas, Oaxaca fundidos, and chicken enchiladas top the list. “Great service and food! Always a full house…you know it’s got to be good!” one pleased Yelper wrote. And Cocina Madrigal accepts reservations for those evenings when you don’t have extra time to spare.


17. Green Corner Restaurant (Mesa) – 4.6 Stars

Address: 1010 W Southern Ave. Ste 7, Mesa, AZ 85210

Price: $$

Why Yelpers love it: Mesa’s Green Corner Restaurant is one of only a select few Mediterranean restaurants on this list, but it’s more than earned its position. With a tagline like “Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.” you’re bound to be in for a treat. More specifically, when you visit Green Corner Restaurant, you can indulge in chicken kabobs, gyros, and Greek salads that will dazzle your palate. “The food was AMAZING! [Fries] were crispy, pita was soft and pillowy, rice was wonderfully seasoned and the gyro meat was tender and moist,” one happy reviewer reported. Enticed to visit?

The 25 Best Restaurants In Arizona, According To Yelp

Photo courtesy of Green Corner via Instagram.


16. Bongiorno Bagels (Gilbert) – 4.6 Stars

Address: 3107 S Gilbert Rd. Ste 101, Gilbert, AZ 85295

Price: $

Why Yelpers love it: A few restaurants on this list serve A+ breakfast fare, but none match Bongiorno’s level of bagel wizardry. In fact, the bagels here are so magical that they’re even made with New York City water — you know, the water that supposedly sets NY’s bagels apart from literally everywhere else’s? You have plenty of options, too, from your bagel flavor all the way down to your schmears, meats, cheeses, and other toppings. Yelp’s favorites include Bongiorno’s everything, sesame, and original bagels. “Best bagels I’ve ever had since I left NY,” one Arizona transplant wrote in their Bongiorno’s review.

The 25 Best Restaurants In Arizona, According To Yelp

Photo courtesy of Bongiorno Bagels via Instagram.


15. Joe’s Tacos (Phoenix) – 4.6 Stars

Address: 245 E Bell Rd. Ste A-2, Phoenix, AZ 85022

Price: $$

Why Yelpers love it: Joe’s Tacos opened in 2023 and has been delighting customers consistently, if its Yelp rating is anything to go by. This taco restaurant offers the classics — like tacos, burritos, and quesadillas — in addition to twists on classics, like keto tacos that feature a cheese shell in lieu of a traditional tortilla. Like many Mexican or Tex-Max spots, you have a choice of meats for your entrees, but Yelp has a clear favorite that’s perfectly summarized in one review: “The steak was soooo good.”


14. The Quesadillas (Tucson) – 4.7 Stars

Address: 418 N Craycroft Rd., Tucson, AZ 85712

Price: $

Why Yelpers love it: Despite its name, The Quesadillas has been offering a variety of dishes, including tacos, hot dogs, tortilla soup, and, of course, quesadillas, to the Tucson area since it opened in late 2015. Everything at The Quesadillas is promoted as “authentic,” and Yelp reviewers seem to agree that it’s delicious — and worth your time and money. “The tacos were sensational. Street style, generously portioned, and I can’t pick a fave,” one reviewer explained of their visit.


13. Worth Takeaway (Mesa) – 4.7 Stars

Address: 218 W Main St., Mesa, AZ 85201

Price: $$

Why Yelpers love it: The cheekily named Worth Takeaway does everything it can to keep its customers — whom the restaurant refers to as its “community” — happy and fed with delectable sandwiches. As if that wasn’t wholesome enough, its food looks positively divine. “[T]his is a dang good spot to grab some lunch or dinner,” one Yelp reviewer said, noting that they tried — and loved — the Buffalo Crispy Chicken Sandwich. This restaurant is also noted as a very clean and positive space, so it’s worth checking out.


12. Indian Gardens Cafe and Market (Sedona) – 4.7 Stars

Address: 3951 N State Route 89A, Sedona, AZ 86336

Price: $$

Why Yelpers love it: Indian Gardens Cafe and Market is an excellent breakfast and brunch spot if you live in Sedona or find yourself visiting. This eatery sells morning staples like Americanos and cold brew in addition to strictly savory sandwiches like the popular Ferrari, which features mozzarella cheese, tomato slices, arugula, roasted red peppers, pesto, and a vinaigrette on a ciabatta roll. One reviewer called this sandwich “mouth watering,” while another called it “delish.” The latter even added, “This is the best fresh healthy good quality food you’ll get in sedona.”


11. Caldwell County BBQ (Gilbert) – 4.7 Stars

Address: 18324 E Nunneley Rd., Gilbert, AZ 85296

Price: $$

Why Yelpers love it: Spoiler alert: We have another BBQ restaurant coming up in the top 10, but we can’t go any further without mentioning Caldwell County BBQ, Gilbert’s premier Texas-style BBQ joint. In fact, this restaurant is so committed to its craft that its beef, pork, and turkey are smoked for a full day before ever hitting your plate. Essentially, this establishment has it all, as exemplified in this review: “Food was great. Line moved fast. And the vibe was on point. Love this place will be back.”


10. Culinary Gangster (Scottsdale) – 4.7 Stars

Address: 14891 N Northsight Blvd. Ste, 135 Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Price: $$

Why Yelpers love it: Culinary Gangster is a from-scratch restaurant that delivers high-quality burgers, salads, and breakfast options to the Scottsdale community. The restaurant’s website even declares that it serves the “best burgers in Scottsdale” — and Yelp reviewers agree. “I had the mushroom cheese burger. It’s the best mushroom burger I have ever eaten,” one reviewer wrote, with another adding that they adore Culinary Gangster’s peanut butter and jelly burger. Unique, right? Oh, and even folks who don’t normally like quinoa bowls report liking the ones from Culinary Gangster, so you can’t go wrong when ordering here.

The 25 Best Restaurants In Arizona, According To Yelp

Photo courtesy of Culinary Gangster AZ via Instagram.


9. BirdHouse (Page) – 4.7 Stars

Address: 707 N Navajo Dr., Page, AZ 86040

Price: $$

Why Yelpers love it: BirdHouse is a unique option on this list, featuring chicken in all its classic glory — well, classic but done to the nth degree. Here, Yelpers love every iteration of fried chicken one can buy: chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, and even honey butter chicken. Basically, BirdHouse brings true Southern charm to this Southwest state. Just take it from this Yelper: “My husband and I shared a half chicken (half honey butter and half original) along with fries. Everything was delicious. The fried chicken was flavorful and moist. The fries were also very tasty!

The 25 Best Restaurants In Arizona, According To Yelp

Photo courtesy of Bird House via Instagram.


8. Little Miss BBQ (Phoenix) – 4.7 Stars

Address: 4301 E University Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85034

Price: $$

Why Yelpers love it: Little Miss BBQ is a good hands-on time for those who love a classic barbeque, and you can spend easily with the knowledge that you’re supporting a business that loves its employees, as Little Miss BBQ provides its employees insurance benefits and financial perks like 401(k) matching. But back to the meat of why Yelpers love Little Miss BBQ. It comes down to one reviewer quote: “Flat out this is just the best BBQ in the phoenix area.” Here, you can enjoy brisket, ribs, pulled pork, and so much more. (Make sure to save room for pecan pie!)

The 25 Best Restaurants In Arizona, According To Yelp

Photo courtesy of Little Miss BBQ via Instagram.


7. Yutaka Japanese Restaurant (Phoenix) – 4.7 Stars

Address: 751 E Bell Rd. Ste 9, Phoenix, AZ 85022

Price: $$

Why Yelpers love it: Yutaka Japanese Restaurant doesn’t have a website, but when you’re this beloved by your community, you don’t need one. Yutaka is a sushi restaurant that’s often eclipsed by its mouth-watering ramen. “…its rich broth is most flavorful, the noodles are cooked perfectly, and the pork belly fork tender,” one reviewer wrote of the dish before adding, “The hype is real! Delicious.”


6. Tumerico (Tucson) – 4.8 Stars

Address: 2526 E 6th St., Tucson, AZ 85716

Price: $$

Why Yelpers love it: Tumerico is Arizona’s premier Latin-American restaurant, and its dishes will unequivocally make your taste buds dance. The best part? Tumerico’s dishes are vegan and vegetarian, but you’d never know that — or miss the meat. Plus, Yelp reviewers adore how friendly the staff is. But just what should you get? Take it from this Yelper: “The tamales were some of the best we’ve had.”

The 25 Best Restaurants In Arizona, According To Yelp

Photo courtesy of Tumerico via Instagram.


5. De Babel (Scottsdale) – 4.8 Stars

Address: 14884 N Pima Rd. Ste 106, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Price: $$

Why Yelpers love it: De Babel serves fresh and tasty Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, setting it apart from most other restaurants on this list. De Babel even cooks its meats on a spit, so you know you’re getting authentic shawarma and other dishes every time. “Hands down the best Mediterranean food I have had in my entire life!” one Yelper wrote in their review. When you’re done with your entrée, be sure to try the tahini ice cream — Yelp reviewers love it, too.

The 25 Best Restaurants In Arizona, According To Yelp

Photo courtesy of De Babel via Instagram.


4. My Spot Mediterranean Grill (Phoenix) – 4.8 Stars

Address: 1601 E Bell Rd. Ste A-11, Phoenix, AZ 85022

Price: $$

Why Yelpers love it: Yelpers love My Spot Mediterranean Grill for its inviting atmosphere and staff and its delicious food. “Absolutely awesome place,” one reviewer wrote, while another said they visit twice a week because the food is so good. Naturally, you need to check out My Spot’s falafel, as you’d be hard-pressed to find better ones in Arizona. The schnitzel pita is also a home run with reviewers.


3. Barista Del Barrio (Tucson) – 4.8 Stars

Address: 1002 N Grande Ave., Tucson, AZ 85745

Price: $$

Why Yelpers love it: While coffeeshops at large aren’t running this list, Barista Del Barrio demands a spot thanks to its impressively high Yelp rating — and its drool-inducing menu. This breakfast joint has earned titles like best breakfast burrito in Tucson, and Yelpers agree down to the toppings: “Hands down the best salsa in all of Tucson,” one reviewer wrote. Plus, coffee drinks are completely customizable here, so you’re guaranteed to get a perfect-for-you drink and bite to eat.


2. Binkley’s Restaurant (Phoenix) – 4.9 Stars

Address: 2320 E Osborn Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85016

Price: $$$$

Why Yelpers love it: High-end and only open from Thursday to Saturday each week, Binkley’s Restaurant costs $265 per guest, so it’s not your typical “hey, let’s go to O’Charley’s tonight” kind of establishment. Still, Yelpers agree that it’s “definitely worth it,” and photos of its foie gras, scallops, and wagyu beef certainly show why.


1. The Clinkscale (Jerome) – 4.9 Stars

Address: 309 Main St., Jerome, AZ 86331

Price: $$

Why Yelpers love it: Located in a hotel, The Clinkscale is particularly loved for its food and atmosphere. One Yelp reviewer even called it the “best food in Jerome.” Plus, this eatery has many gluten-free options, making it a more accessible food destination without skimping on flavor or hospitality. Good go-to orders include the prickly pear mojito, grilled cheese with tomato poblano soup, and good-ol’ eggs benedict.

The 25 Best Restaurants In Arizona, According To Yelp

Photo courtesy of The Clinkscale Hotel, Bar + Grill via Instagram.

This article first appeared on Good Info News Wire and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.The 25 best restaurants in Arizona, according to YelpThe 25 best restaurants in Arizona, according to Yelp

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