Everything Out-of-Towners Need to Know About Recreational Marijuana in Arizona

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By Alyssa Bickle

February 10, 2023

With an expected 100,000 people traveling to Arizona this weekend, Mint Cannabis is preparing for an uptick in sales and new customers.

Super Bowl LVII weekend brings thousands of people to Arizona who can take advantage of the state’s legal recreational use of marijuana.

Proposition 207, which Arizona voters passed in 2020, legalized marijuana for adult personal use. This made Arizona one of 21 states in the country that have made recreational marijuana use fully legal.

Here’s What to Know

Adults ages 21 and older can possess, purchase, or transport up to one ounce of marijuana or five grams of a concentrate. It is illegal to sell or give marijuana to anyone under 21.

Visitors and Arizonans may only purchase from licensed marijuana establishments, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Users cannot smoke marijuana in public, and it is best to check the city’s law for any other additional restrictions on where marijuana cannot be consumed.

The Smoke-Free Arizona law includes smoking marijuana, so a “no smoking” sign means no smoking, of any kind.

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Different hotels have different smoking policies, so it is best to check with the individual hotel.

It is a federal offense to transport marijuana across state lines, violating interstate transit laws, even if the substance is transported to other states where marijuana has been legalized, like California or Nevada.

Use while driving is not permitted under Arizona law.

Customers can expect to pay a hefty tax—there is a 16% excise tax on recreational marijuana products, according to the health department.

Mint Cannabis

Mint Cannabis, a licensed dispensary with five locations across the Valley, has been preparing for the weekend—even pushing the opening of a new store less than 10 miles from State Farm Stadium up by more than two months.

Originally planned to open on April 20 (420—a day known for celebrating the use of marijuana), the store located at 75th Avenue and Interstate 10 opened its doors last Friday, said Raul Molina, the chief operating officer and owner of Mint Cannabis.

Everything Out-of-Towners Need to Know About Recreational Marijuana in Arizona
(photo courtesy of The Mint)

The company’s sales are about 25% over their normal sales as of last Friday, and they expect sales to go up as much as 50% as the Super Bowl draws closer.

“When recreational [sale of marijuana] hit here, we kind of got a glimpse of what we think is going to happen this week, which is a lot of people that are coming in to check it out,” Molina said.

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Mint Cannabis has been preparing for the weekend by upping their supply of disposable products, such as single pre-rolls, disposable vapes, and gummies, Molina said, since visitors are not likely to travel with marijuana products after the Super Bowl concludes.

Mint Cannabis will be at the Mike Ditka Cigar Party on Feb. 9 to showcase some of their brands. On Feb. 10, they will be involved with the Gridiron Greats Celebrity Golf Classic.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday they will be at Consumption Park, open to all 21 and over, handing out products and setting up games.

Many of Mint’s vendors will also be at the event, where they will have an area called Mint Mall. No sales will be allowed, but people can try samples.

In their area of Consumption Park, Mint Cannabis will hand out free swag bags to all patrons who come in with an out-of-state license or ID, Molina said.

“We brought what we are considering is the right products that are going to attract them, and then we have freebies for them,” Molina said.

Educating the Newcomers

Visiting a dispensary that will educate people about how to consume is the most important thing, Molina said.

“To all the out-of-towners, make sure you ask a bunch of questions,” Molina said. “ Don’t just go out and buy if you don’t get a good understanding of what you’re consuming or what you’re buying.”

Letting people know that many events have designated areas for consumption, while other events don’t allow consumption at all is important to tell new patrons, especially this weekend, Molina said.

Mint Cannabis has added the staff and inventory needed to give new customers a good experience, point them in the right direction, and make sure that their cannabis experience is a good one, Molina said.

“We’re putting our best foot forward and making sure that they see something that when they go back home, if there’s not a program in the state, maybe that’s something that they can desire when it comes time for voting, they hopefully will be on our side,” Molina said.

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