Phoenix’s pie trail: Where to indulge on National Pi Day

Phoenix’s pie trail: Where to indulge on National Pi Day

(Photo courtesy of True Food Kitchen)

By Good Info News Wire Team

March 6, 2024

Want to relive the carefree, indulgent feeling of college bar crawls? Or maybe you’re more of a donut trail kind of person (which is completely relatable). No matter what type of “trail” you’re used to, National Pi Day is the perfect time to hit several bakeries for a sweet and diverse take on this form of outing.

National Pi Day falls on March 14 every year and gets its name from the math symbol known as pi (𝞹), which equals 3.14—and then some—but we won’t bore you with the specifics because, rather famously, pi never ends.

Because the first two digits in its never-ending percentage are 14 and it all begins with a 3, 3/14—or March 14—has become known as Pi Day. The good news is that, just like the integer, using March 14 as an excuse to eat one, two, or even a few slices of pie doesn’t have to end. Using our guide as a jumping-off point, you can create a delicious annual tradition.

Now, whether you grew up with math teachers who would bring a pie to class to celebrate the holiday or you’re only just learning about it, here are the best bakeries to check out in Phoenix this National Pi Day.


Chacónne Patisserie

Chacónne Patisserie is a hot brand in Phoenix, and perhaps its best selling point is that Pheonix New Times assigned owner Chef Mark the title of best pastry chef two years in a row (2022 and 2023). Coming off of two successful years, Chacónne’s baked goods can be found in many establishments across the city, including Case Study, Press Coffee Roasters, Futuro, and Heard Museum, among others.

We recommend starting your pie crawl with a Chacónne Patisserie handpie; it’s the perfect grab-and-go option to ease into all of the pie eating to come. (You wouldn’t want to start with something too heavy!) Plus, Chef Mark’s handpies boast seasonal flavors, so you’re bound to get a pie filling at its peak potential. 


Pie Snob

It doesn’t get much more pie-centric than Pie Snob, a slice of joy currently serving two neighborhoods across Phoenix (Arcadia and Uptown) and one in Chandler. Pie Snob’s flavor catalog is extensive, with four full pages of flavors listed on its website. Some of the most intriguing? Green Chile Apple Crumb, Orange Mud, Passion Fruit, and Blueberry Lime Crumb all immediately caught our eyes, though Pie Snob also crafts classics like Strawberry Rhubarb, Apple Double Crust, and Blueberry Lattice.

If you’re not sold already, Pie Snob also sells mini pies, which could come in handy for a long day of pie eating.

Phoenix’s Pie Trail: Where To Indulge On National Pi Day

Photo courtesy of Pie Snob via Instagram

Beckett’s Table

Need to sit down for dinner mid-trail and digest some of the sweets (before, of course, ordering another slice of pie)? Beckett’s Table is the place for you. Its savory menu sounds delicious, but it’s become known for its Award-Winning Fig & Pecan Pie. With “award-winning” in its name, it has to be good, right? Plus, slices of this pie come with a citrusy cream cheese ice cream, which sounds like a perfect pairing to us.

“The fig pecan pie is freaking amazing,” one Foursquare City Guide reviewer wrote, while another said, “Put the pecan pie in your mouth hole and thank me later!”


True Food Kitchen

Vegan and gluten-free desserts can be not only hard to find but also hard to pull off well. However, True Food Kitchen proves every day that it has the chops with its Squash Pie. This is akin to sweet potato pie or pumpkin pie in that it evokes all of the fall vibes you want with a pie crafted with autumnal vegetables. It features a graham cracker crust like your favorite pumpkin pie, as well as coconut whipped cream on top so you don’t have to miss out on the best aspect of pumpkin pie, either.

True Food Kitchen is a nationwide chain rather than an Arizona-specific establishment, but if you want to try something unique this National Pi Day, supporting its Phoenix location is well worth it. Plus, its dishes are made with wholesome ingredients sourced through connections with growers, so you can eat your pie with peace of mind.


Mamma Toledo’s The Pie Hole

Mamma Toledo’s gets its name from the old Southern saying “shut your pie hole,” and you’ll never be more excited to take this advice than when eating owner Tonya Saidi’s handcrafted pies. While a visit to The Pie Hole is never a bad idea, this year is the bakery’s 10th anniversary of operation, as it’s been serving slice after slice to the Phoenix community since 2014. Stopping by and picking up a slice this National Pi Day is the perfect way to celebrate this milestone with Saidi if you ask us.

As for what you should get: Strawberry Fields Forever begins its seasonal availability in March, so you can’t go wrong with it, but other delectable bites include Chocolate Covered Banana, Double Chocolate Raspberry, and Maple Custard. Plus, Saidi makes mini pies, and you know how we feel about mini pies for Pi Day.


Kneaders Bakery & Cafe

If you, like us, consider cheesecake a pie and not a cake like its name suggests (it’s literally built on a graham cracker crust), then you need to check out Kneaders Bakery & Cafe. Whether you need a jolt of caffeine to get going at the beginning of the trail, a pick-me-up mid-trail, or a nightcap as your final stop (Kneaders is open until 8:30 p.m.), you can find the perfect coffee and cheesecake pairing at Kneaders. Our favorite? Sipping on this shop’s rich Cafe Mocha while indulging in a slice of its Salted Caramel Cheesecake, though Kneaders also sells slices of other cheesecake flavors as well.

Kneaders has several locations across the greater Phoenix area, so no matter which order you do your pie trail in, you’re likely never too far from a welcoming slice of cheesepie.

Phoenix’s Pie Trail: Where To Indulge On National Pi Day

Photo courtesy of Kneaders

Karl’s Quality Bakery

Karl’s Quality Bakery has been a staple of Phoenix’s sweets scene for years, and it’s all thanks to its high quality—hence the bakery’s name. Oh, and its motto is “Everything From Scratch,” so you can rest assured that your hard-earned money is only buying fresh fare.

Here, you could invest in one of many classic pies—Karl’s offers peach, apple, blueberry, and cherry—but we’re almost more drawn to its danishes, which look like small, handheld pies. More specifically, the Lemon Ricotta and Apple Crumble Danishes are drool-worthy, but we wouldn’t bat an eye if you gravitated toward the Blueberry Granola Danish, which looks equally scrumptious.



Having expanded to three physical storefronts in Arizona and growing its pie roster to more than 70 flavors, Piefection gets its name (a pun on “perfection”) honestly. That said, we’re placing it at the end of our pie crawl because the “Phoenix” location isn’t in Phoenix proper—it’s slightly east in Mesa. Still, it’s close enough that you can zip over if you want to end your holiday with a real crown jewel of a pie.

At Piefection, owner Cheryl Standage, who learned pie artistry from her grandma, brings to life not only mouthwatering sweet treats like the Peanut Butter Bomb Pie but also savory creations like the Philly Cheesesteak Pot Pie. With so many options, there’s truly something perfect for everyone here. 

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